United Airlines Hub

The United Hub website is United Airlines’s primary source of communication for all campaigns, newsroom releases, and public statements. It also showcases the best in travel destinations and activities for those regions served by United Airlines.

In early 2018, United's creative team decided to revamp and redesign the newsroom pages. We started by designing a logo for the Hub. After several iterations, we decided to continue with the circular logo

Soon after the logo, it was time to redesign the overall look of the Hub. The goal was to get a cleaner and contemporary look. We started with the design of the top bars and menus, and soon we got to the overall appearance of the site.

In addition to the newsroom pages, in the last few years I have had the chance to design sites for United's campaigns such United Journey Contest, Her Art Here, All routes lead to love, Rhapsody Remastered, and many others.

As a result of the new design, the United Hub pages significantly increased page views and overall site performance (1). I’m considering it as one of my biggest accomplishments so far.

(1) Data from Google Analytics: Users +100.6%; Pageviews +260%; Time/User +45.4%; Bounce rate -8.4%

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